PaleoCleanse Plus 14 Day Detoxification Program


Now available in great tasting grass fed bone broth protein or organic vegan pea protein! An overburdened liver will slow metabolism, halt weight loss, prevent recovery and healing. This in turn can leave us feeling sluggish and craving the very foods that cause inflammation, weight gain and immune, gut and hormonal imbalances. I often encourage clients working on their “food flow” to start with a 2-3 week reset to accomplish 5 things:

  1. Break the current eating cycle.
  2. Clear any liver sluggishness so that metabolism is optimized.
  3. Heal the gut.
  4. Identify hidden food sensitivities.
  5. Lose up to 5-10+ lbs to jump start motivation.

Yep – It’s time for a reset!

The problem with most detoxes and cleanses on the market is that they don’t support the body’s intricate detoxification processes. Many herb or juice based products only address Phase 1 detox, while completely ignoring critical Phase 2 detoxification which is where toxins and waste byproducts safely get eliminated out of the body.  “Phase 1 Only” or Juice protocols are usually way high in fruit sugar/carbs and put you at risk for re-toxification!

The PaleoCleanse Plus program is organic and encourages you to eat REAL food along with 28 delicious protein/detox shakes (2 per day), enzymes and Phase 1 & 2 detoxification nutrients.  You’ll also receive a printed eating and lifestyle guidebook , a shaker bottle, PLUS a FREE 15 minute introductory nutrition consultation (new clients only) and direct email/Facebook access.  That’s a LOT of support to ensure your success!

You’ll be able to post on the Nourished Path Facebook page with updates on progress, questions or “a-ha’s” and ask me or other members questions during the entire program.

HOW TO: 1. Order the kit in organic vegan pea or in bone broth protein, 2. “Like” the Nourished Path Facebook page and 3. Schedule your FREE 15 minute nutrition clarity session!

HOW MUCH: Cost: $169 (organic pea) or $157 (grass fed bone broth protein) – 21 day kits also available in pea!

Read how the PaleoCleanse Plus Program has helped people just like you!

“Evelyn coached me during the 21 Day PaleoCleanse program. …I learned very quickly about foods/food labels, etc. As a 6’5″ 300 lb. guy I really never understood or knew much about labels, etc. During those 3 weeks of detox I lost about 20 lbs. and continue to make progress in losing weight and eating better. I have found this experience life-changing as crazy as that sounds and extremely grateful to having Evelyn as a coach. Thanks Ev!”  Dave A., Providence, RI


“I can’t believe I was able to give up caffeine!  I couldn’t even function without coffee before this Cleanse. It’s been 6 months without it and I don’t miss it a bit. Now I wake up to a nice cup of water with lemon and feel amazing energy all day.  My hormones are also more balanced.  I really loved the taste and texture of the shakes during the PaleoCleanse and being able to eat real food for snacks and dinner really worked for me.  The support from the Facebook group was so inspiring and encouraging. This is definitely something I will do again!”  Jean S., Ellington, CT


“I got used to the cleanse much more quickly than I thought I would and it was much easier to do without caffeine, sugar, alcohol and dairy than I thought it would be.  For me, it did help me lose some weight – 9 pounds – which is not bad. But much more significantly, it was an exercise in self-discipline that I really needed. I now know I don’t have any real food addictions, just food habits that were fairly easy to break. I’m hopeful some better habits have set it and I’m on a path that will lead me to the body I was meant to have.”  Chris K., Manchester, CT


“Wrapping up the Cleanse and I feel great! Down 8 lbs and definitely noticed I have more energy and less brain fog. Journaling my food in my phone app is key to balance out the percentage of protein, fat and carbs. I have to say it’s not as hard as I thought…even without wine!” Teresa M., South Windsor, CT


“Through Evelyn’s CLEANSE – I have experienced first hand the benefits of releasing toxins.  This has had a profound impact on my life!  From learning how to prepare easy healthy soups to making “SuperFood Coconut Bites”, I have achieved many improvements in my life.  With the help of Evelyn I have found the ability to satisfy my appetite  cravings with healthy fats and other foods and herbs while ridding my body of toxins.  As an added result of changing my diet I have also found relief from arthritis pain that I have suffered from for the past few years,  I found that eliminating certain key foods frommy diet enabled me to stop using pain medication.  Thank you, Evelyn!”  Catherine F., Tuscon, AZ


“Through Evelyn’s CLEANSE, I was able to pinpoint a very uncomfortable food intolerance and in the process of eliminating those foods, I lost 10 pounds!  Best of all, eating clean isn’t difficult – there is no feeling of deprivation and I feel great!” Ailish L, W. Hartford, CT

Customized 1:1 Nutrition Support

What I want more than anything is for you to reach your goals and enjoy vibrant health and longevity in a balanced, pleasurable way.  Not by eating meal prepped plain chicken breasts and steamed broccoli and hating every second of your “plan” (unless that’s your thing :)).

No one – not even the most highly trained doctor, fitness or nutrition expert – knows you and your body better than you.  So why do we turn to these sources and follow their “one size fits all” advice?  What works for someone else, may not work for you…and even if it does “work”, is it something that you can stick with for life?

Work 1:1 with me and we’ll discover your very own “food flow” – the eating approach that fits your body, personality, taste buds, schedule, social life, budget, cooking abilities and goals.  Starting with a complete functional assessment, diet analysis and goal setting, you’ll receive customized nutrition and supplement protocols based upon your goals, preferences, personality and level of motivation. We can go as deep as you are willing – to assess and reprogram the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects that need to work in balance in order to have lifelong health and vitality.

Discover simple,  practical ways to boost your nutrient intake with real, whole foods, learn how to support optimal digestive health, reduce inflammation and rebalance blood sugar, hormones and weight with nutrition, lifestyle and mindfulness.

For those who are looking for specific support with a health condition, in gut healing, fat loss, hormones or transitioning to a “paleo” or “clean” ketogenic way of eating, I can support you step by step through the process. Contact me to learn more.

HOW TO: Schedule your sessions here.

HOW MUCH: Cost: $125 Initial Session (runs about an hour) /$75 for follow ups (up to 30 mins)

SAVE! Nutrition Session 5 Pack – $350 – includes 1 initial consult plus 4 follow up sessions (in other words, one FREE follow up session – a $75 savings!)


“I was drawn to Evelyn almost out of desperation for where my life was going (nutritionally and emotionally).  I learned first and foremost that I am worth taking care of! I then learned that delicious, nutritious, and fun food can come in a healthy form…just with a little change of mindset. I now include greens, proteins, seaweeds and organic food in nearly EVERY meal. I think that this process may be a little slower then the conventional fad “diets”, but I love that this is not a diet! Evelyn has taught me how to make ‘clean eating’ a way of life!”  Michelle B.


“Evelyn has provided not just a one time appointment for me to determine my dietary mysteries but offers me ongoing support through challenges, answers my questions, and is patient with me when I have things I think I need to say. I have benefited from Evelyn’s services with what I have learned and applied to real life, not just pie in the sky (although that WOULD be tasty!). I have valued my interactions with Evelyn and highly recommend her as a competent, compassionate and understanding professional who is ready to serve.” Ruth H.

12 Week Intensive 1:1 Customized Approach to Eating

Ready for transformation?  Gain more connection to your food and patterns while your lose body fat sustainably with daily support and accountability.

Heal, find-your-food-flow-1rebalance, lose body fat and change patterns for good without obsessive restriction and with expert daily support all along the way for 3 whole months!  Perfect for Obliger personality types that do best with accountability and those that have ‘all or nothing’ – ‘on or off’ – ‘black or white’ behavior patterns when it comes to change and eating.

For less than $50 per week, you get access to me daily (or as needed) as you work to develop your own ‘food flow’ – which basically means uncovering the best way of eating for YOU – and you alone – that supports your goals, visions, lifestyle and preferences. This is a completely customized eating program with the ability to check in daily with me with updates and questions, along with access to weekly 1:1 coaching sessions via phone during the entire 12 weeks (contact frequency is completely up to you).

We start with identifying your vision for health. What do you really want?  We uncover what’s worked in the past and what’s failed as well.  We uncover limiting beliefs, triggers and traps and work on strategies to navigate life and food sanely and in a balanced, unrestricted way.

Working with your metabolic body type, personality and resting metabolic rate (RMR), we identify baseline caloric and macro targets. From there, we identify your functional status, hormones, digestion, etc.. we tackle food, lifestyle, behavioral patterns and mindset hurdles and adjust your plan all along the way.

Clients may open up to identify triggers and habits, emotions and other barriers to lasting change as we work closely together through the process. No food measuring or weighing (unless you like that sort of thing :)).  You eat real foods that you enjoy in the right proportions based on how your body responds.

All throughout the 12 weeks, you can touch base with me for support or to share how the plan is working for you. Using your own body’s biofeedback, we determine what needs to be adjusted to get you closer to your goals. Each week you have the option of scheduling a 30 minute phone or Skype follow up session to dive deeper into necessary adjustments, food and lifestyle challenges and any other questions or observations.

If you’ve struggled with different diets and either lost and gained the weight back or didn’t lose at all, know that it’s not your fault!  You’ve been falsely led to believe that ‘one diet fits all’. It’s simply not TRUE! Together, we’ll determine the perfect food flow for you to live a balanced life at a healthy weight without obsessing and without needless restriction.

HOW TO: Order the 12 Week Program here.

HOW MUCH: Total Cost $597 ( $1200+ Value).  Includes your customized program, access to me via text, email or phone throughout the entire program, 1 hour initial intake session and 11 optional weekly phone or Skype follow ups during the 12 week period.


Over the past 3 months, I’ve lost close to 20 pounds with Evelyn’s support and without severe restriction.  I eat real food and drink in moderation which feels great in my body, but more importantly it doesn’t feel restrictive.  This is SO key for me. I have a very fun and active social life, so it was not sustainable for me to go on a highly restrictive “diet” (AGAIN!), where I couldn’t hang out with my friends and enjoy life.


By working with Ev, daily at first, we worked through the tactics and strategies to moderate with food and alcohol socially while tightening up little leaks here and there at home with daily eating habits and behaviors. I increased my awareness, connected to some habitual and emotional patterns and slowly started to improve my energy level, confidence and choices and steadily lost weight in the process.  I even added exercise back to my routine again – which I used to love, but let go over time.


I’m so grateful for this program and experience and the loving support Ev provided throughout the entire process. I’m confident that the changes I’ve made are permanent and will allow me to live a healthier and happier life going forward. If you’ve been on diet after diet only to abstain and regain the weight back (and then some), I highly recommend this customized approach to eating and living. I’ve truly found my ‘food flow’ as Ev calls it and it’s awesome!  Teresa M., South Windsor, CT


Lose it Yourself – Customized Fat Loss Roadmap (without Coaching)



Like to work solo?

After an initial phone or Skype Nutrition Clarity Session and follow up emails, I’ll give you your own customized nutrition roadmap that you can just run with!

You’ll complete several assessments, including a functional health intake, your metabolic body type quiz, personality and resting metabolic rate (RMR) surveys.

I’ll analyze and calculate baseline caloric and macro targets along with providing important fat loss tools including key hurdles and common pitfalls you should be be aware of as you Lose it Yourself!

This combines the best of customized fat loss programming and functional health analysis without the ongoing support and related cost.


Perfect for Determined, Driver, ‘Upholder’ personality types. (You know who you are! :))


HOW TO: Order the Lose It Yourself Program here.

HOW MUCH: Total Cost $97.  Includes initial 15 minute phone or Skype session, emailed assessments, results analysis and customized roadmap.

Pathway Genomics Genetic Diet-Fitness Mapping Program

Pathway-Weight-Loss-Infographic_Transparent-400x400Low carb? Low fat? High Fat? High Protein?

Which way of eating is best for your genes? Stop guessing!  You won’t ever have to fall into the fad diet trap because this program analyzes your DNA to identify how you should be eating – and what you need to be aware of – in terms of genetic predispositions related to diet, exercise and lifestyle.

This is a 3 month, fully loaded program including genetic testing, functional assessment and 1:1 nutrition/monthly behavior coaching. You’ll also receive a detailed ~50 page guide outlining your personalized genetic blueprint that determines  how you should be eating and exercising to support your genetics along with expert analysis and support throughout the program.

You are so much more than your genes, but having insight into your genetic strengths, weaknesses and tendencies is priceless information as you navigate through life.  That being said, just knowing your genetic blueprint won’t magically bring you to optimal health.  That’s why personalized guidance and support throughout the 3 months to foster transformation is critical.


HOW TO: Order the Genetic Diet-Fitness Mapping Program here.

HOW MUCH: Total Cost $897   –  Includes genetic test, detailed result report (~50 pages in easy to understand language), 1 hour initial 1:1 session and 2 monthly follow ups.

Schedule your sessions here or contact me with questions.