It’s Not Your Fault, BUT YOU are 100% Responsible for Your Results

I’ve been delving into the new book, Wired to Eat, by Robb Wolf.  It’s such a great explanation of how our eating behaviors are physiological. The book goes into quite a bit of depth about the neuro-regulation of appetite and cravings.  Perfect ‘nerd food’ for me.

I really appreciate the science and how he posits that access to an endless supply of  hyper-palatable foods coupled with our wiring, really explains that this overeating/overweight/obesity and health issue epidemic that our country is dealing with, IS NOT OUR FAULT. We’re wired this way!

So according to research, it’s not our fault we crave chips, cheese, cupcakes or cabernet (or all of the above).

Yes, We’ve been dealt this human physiology hand, maybe we even scored a lame genetic hand too.

And we all know the food industry ONLY cares about the almighty dollar – wanting you buying more and more of their food – forever and ever…AMEN.

On top of that, maybe you’re dealing with a crappy relationship or job/job loss,  challenging family circumstances, trauma, legal or financial setbacks, INSERT LIFE SITUATION HERE ______________________..

You know what I’m talking about, these are things that just plain ‘suck’. Things that challenge us or work against us. Things that are entirely (or mostly) out of our control.

What I want to get into here though is some tough love on taking radical responsibility for the outcomes and experiences we have in our lives – even if we’re not technically ‘to blame’.

Here’s the thing:  We have two – maybe three choices – in this reality. We can…

  1. Be a victim.
  2. Be stuck/do nothing.
  3. Be empowered.

I’m not telling you which to choose.

I’ve been in all three stages during various circumstances, but I can tell you which one FEELS the best and helps me grow and be the person I dream of being…

Yep – Number #3. obvi 🙂

I’ve definitely dwelled in #2  – how appropriate – because it feels like sh*t being in this stage (get it, #2? LOL)…These are situations where I’ve dealt with some conflict or mistreatment – which led to stress, which taxed my already weak adrenals – oh and then menopause – JOY!

I won’t go into details, but suffice it to say, I dipped my toe in the victim pond for a beat too.  I wanted to blame the people that I trusted, that I counted on – that 100% let me down – they really did.

My “not safe” fight or flight response became activated and I hunkered into self-protective mode. But if I’m being completely self aware and really real, my response to events like these are only because I held expectations that I imposed on the other party (and myself), that triggered my pattern of experiencing the situation as one of fear and suffering that ended up closing up my heart – because I don’t want to get hurt again.

That response is dysfunctional – it doesn’t serve my higher self or others – it stunts my growth – it puts the brakes on my goals of fulfilling my purpose and dreams – and it’s entirely on me.

Bottom line, I know I have to take responsibility for my own response, my work, my success, failures and health. 100%. I have to trust that life was/is unfolding as it should and that everything is OK. I have to lift myself up by my bootstraps and move forward.

But when I was stuck, I was just tired and disappointed – – offended and hurt, even.

I didn’t want to look for other opportunities or work on new collaborations, start over…

With my health and weight, I didn’t want to focus on what I was eating – AGAIN!  I eat all real, whole foods! I’m already low carb! I’ve done all the healing protocols! I’d already overcome over-drinking the previous year! I work out ALL the time. HARD! Can’t I just coast? What more do I have to do for Chrissake! (<classic victim lingo, right there!)

So I spent a few months in the crappy ‘stuck’ stage.

I guess if I was going to spin it to be positive, I’d say I was cocooning. Recovering, processing…allowing myself to stew so that I could emerge — empowered and excited to see where and what I, my practice – and my body will do, despite the setbacks and challenges.

So that’s where I’m at again now. I am 100% responsible for my results. It’s not my hormones’ job, my boss’s or collaborators’ job, the economy, Trump – I am empowered and in charge of what I accomplish with my work, finances, relationships – AND my body. I have support and everything I need to rise up and achieve whatever I want.  I’m in the ATTAIN phase (like I shared in the last post regarding fat loss).

So yes, Stage 3 – EMPOWERMENT feels AWESOME! My vibes are high and I’m ready to OWN IT, BABY! 100%. (RHOBH fans anyone? Bueller?)

I want to encourage you to assess your stage – your stories – with what’s going on in your life. Where are excuses or old patterns getting the best of you? Keeping YOU stuck or in victim mode? Tell me your challenges and strategies. I really want to hear how you deal, because I know it’s really hard to see through the struggle sometimes.  My struggles are likely mild compared to others. Share yours right here, DM me or post on the Nourished Path Private Page on Facebook. Your insight will probably help others too…or maybe I can help…I’m pretty good at kindly calling people out on their BS.

I also wanted to introduce you to my sister’s blog – we have similar themes – different topics. I’m nutrition/mindset – she’s relationship/mindset. Her blog started off to be musings about relationships and her journey through divorce and dating, but it’s sooo much more. She’s an amazing writer so check it out and join her FB page.  Even if you’re married, you’ll appreciate the insight and laugh your arse off (and maybe tear up too).

PS: IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE – Check your inbox for the Spring Paleo Cleanse kicking off right after Easter.  This is a great way to reset the metabolism and detox for Spring. There’s an organic vegan option and new Bone Broth option which I absolutely LOVE!

One of my recent PaleoCleansers lost 12 – yes 12 pounds in 2 weeks – last month doing this.

Personally, I’m usually good for 4-6 lbs myself, but since I do these every season, my body is likely just used to them and I eliminate most of the foods suggested on the regular, so that’s just me. Either way, it’s a super simple, effective approach to clear liver sluggishness from this loonnnng winter and get ready for summer.

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