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Planning and prepping meals can be overwhelming.  I find it’s a real barrier with clients who want to improve their eating habits.  Often they’ll see images of ‘factory line’ meal prep masters with their lined up Tupperware containers filled with chicken breast and broccoli, they feel dread, check out  – and order pizza.

Just like diets, there’s more than one way to approach meal prep.  You get to decide what works for you and this resource will help you figure that out.

Enjoy this free 16 page printable workbook and get started making your own food rules and you’ll soon be planning, prepping and eating real foods you LOVE with ease.

No more food rut or needless restrictions!

Once you get your download, schedule your free 1:1 mini Nutrition Clarity Session to ask me anything related to your health and nutrition. Plus you’ll be part of our email community where you’ll get deeper insights into living a balanced life with more awareness, flexibility, health and joy!

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Evelyn DeDominicis, MS, CHC, RYT

Evelyn has a Master’s Degree in Nutrition (Functional Medicine based), is a certified holistic health coach, Crossfitter and yoga teacher.  She teaches others how to eat real food, connect with it and their body in a way that supports their unique genetics, health situation, lifestyle and preferences.

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