Hi! I’m Evelyn (Ev for short)…

I’m a functional medicine nutritionist, certified holistic health and lifestyle coach, Crossfitter and registered yoga teacher whose mission in life is to get people – just like you – connected to their food, their bodies and their true Self –  in a scientific, practical and a much deeper way than diet and exercise alone can ever achieve.

By integrating my formal education* and years of experience – including my own journey (leaving a successful corporate career along with health challenges like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, adrenal exhaustion, other hormonal issues, candida and heavy metals…Oh Ya, and MENOPAUSE! YAY!), I offer a unique blend of first hand experience, evidence based science with heart centered, reflective inquiry to allow powerful healing and transformation.

Anyone can pick up the latest diet book, watch Dr. Oz or and Google literally anything related to nutrition and health and get LOADS of information (and misinformation), but until you align your unique biochemistry, behavioral programming and mindset, you’ll likely keep spinning your wheels and end up right back where you started – or worse – even more metabolically damaged and defeated.

I know…. I was on that hamster wheel for a LONNGGG time.

My personal challenge was always needing to  “lose weight”, needing to control everything and feeling drained all the time. Being trained in functional medicine nutrition and having an analytical personality, I found myself constantly chasing lab tests, better doctors and integrative approaches to explain what was wrong with me.  I noticed that with any diet, supplement or new approach I started, I would be really, really compliant at first…but then, I would inevitably slip back to old eating habits or behaviors or completely ‘go off the rails’ because I didn’t have the support and foundation I needed to get to the root, to go deeper into my patterns.

Over time and with guidance from my ‘self care team’ of practitioners, teachers, mentors, coaches, family and friends, I eventually developed an understanding and appreciation that:

 The body always compensates when it’s not getting what it needs.

It’s a biological law.

  • You underfeed/starve your body > it stores fat, slows metabolism and hormones get out of whack.
  • You overexercise > the body burns out, metabolism slows down and hormones get out of whack.
  • Stressful job, home, life or relationship  > same thing…
  • Skimping on sleep > the body doesn’t repair, you don’t recover, you crave sugar and stimulants, you know the rest….
  • You eat processed junk food or expose yourself to toxins > your gut gets inflamed and damaged, your liver gets sluggish, you crave more, the body stores what it can’t process as fat or you develop some sort of inflammatory/autoimmune disease.

You get the picture…

So when working with me as part of your healing team, you’ll get a complete functional nutrition analysis, but we’ll also get into practical application and deeper behavioral reprogramming to reset patterns, limiting beliefs and habits.

This is where you come in.

I meet you where you’re ‘at’ – using the latest science has to offer and combining the evidence with your unique constitution, personality, preferences and essence. I’m not going to put you on a restrictive diet that doesn’t align with who you are. That’s not how I roll.

Although my niche is a combination of ancestral-paleo-ketogenic (I hate being boxed in :));  I carry no dogma or judgement and respect all real food eating beliefs – because everyone has their own unique biochemical individuality, patterns, lifestyle and point of view.

Also, nutrition research and it’s interpretations are pretty sucky (yes, it’s true).  Most of it’s sloppy, flawed, biased and financially corrupted.  I know. I studied it and I’m steeped in it all the time in my research.  The good news is it’s evolving rapidly and there are nuggets of truth we can draw upon.

Ultimately it boils down to how these approaches work for you and your life.

ev sierra meadows

I’m here to educate, support and encourage you.

Learn more about the clinics I work with along with my online programs and services. Join the community (enjoy my free downloadable gift when you do) and please reach out to connect.

Here’s to true health,








University of Bridgeport, Master of Science, Summa Cum Laude  – Human (Functional/Clinical) Nutrition

University of Connecticut, Bachelor of Science – Family Studies (not Summa Cum Laude – I liked to party back then :))

Institute of Functional Medicine – Introduction to Functional Nutrition and Introduction to Functional Medicine

The Graduate Institute – Integrative Health and Healing Studies

Institute for Integrative Nutrition – Holistic Health Coach Certification – Board Certified AADP

Metabolic Effect – Nutrition Certification

Designs for Health – Certified Nutrition Consultant

Yoga Teacher – Yoga Alliance RYT200 Program Completion

Formal Culinary Training, Macrobiotic Nutrition and Various Culinary Specialty Courses

Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher

Aromatherapy Level I & II

Black Belt – ITF Tae Kwon Do Certified < Accomplished this at 40 btw 🙂