Nourished Path – Where Functional Nutrition Meets Mind, Body & Spirit.

You’ve come to the right place…

As we move through life, our priorities, needs and our sense of Self changes.

Some of us feel stuck, burned out or lost – some take big leaps, create new opportunities – maybe we have more time and money (maybe we don’t).

Our work and family priorities and social interactions start shifting. And, of course, our bodies change along the way too.

Depending on how well we balanced all the demands we took on in our early years, we may have lots of catching up to do with ourselves.

For some, new health challenges pop up out of nowhere. Where we used to be able to eat whatever we wanted (I never could) and party all night (I could and I did), we now realize if/when we do go overboard, we’re gonna pay for it – and not just the next day, but many days (or months – maybe even years) afterward.


We may feel frumpy, unattractive and start hiding ourselves.  We could be experiencing unusual symptoms, weight gain, fatigue, depression, anxiety or all of the above.

Our old tried and true tricks to snap us back no longer work.

But these are all gifts in a way – signals that something has to change in a more meaningful way.

As a nutritionist, many clients come to me wanting a diet, meal plan or recipe ideas.

Sure, I have all those resources in my arsenal, but honestly, you could Google all that.

What I want to help you uncover is more of YOU – the real you.

You’re too young to be old. You’re eating too well to be overweight and not feel great…

But here’s the thing…FOOD is rarely the solution on it’s own – nor is FOOD the enemy.

We need to look at the entire picture.  Maybe even go deeper in order to truly heal.

This integrative approach is where my heart is called to serve.

We’ll tackle the functional imbalances and all the nutrition stuff too, of course.  I’m a nutritionist after-all. 🙂 We’ll start with troubleshooting what you’re eating, identifying your unique carbohydrate tolerance and ideal macronutrient balance, your food flow, improving liver, gut, adrenal and thyroid function and hormonal balancing.

These are the things my brain absolutely loves.

Just a few words about weight loss (if that’s on your mind).

I’m all for finding our ideal body composition in a balanced way so that we feel and function as optimally as possible.

We all want to feel and move comfortably in our own skin.

But we must go beyond all the diet dogma, calories in-calories out, and body image dysmorphia that exists today.  I still fall for it and struggle with it myself, believe me, but I’m way better than I used to be.

The key point to understand is that body weight issues are a sign of an imbalance – either functional, genetic, behavioral or emotional – or all of the above.

Excess weight will not be resolved with caloric restriction and overexercising.  That approach always fails in the long run because it’s not sustainable, it leads to more imbalances and a slower metabolism.

My approach may not be a quick fix like the latest diet trend, but it will leave you healthier, happier and truly empowered for the rest of your life – because YOU will be completely aligned with it.

Are you ready?

I can’t wait to work with you!

Here’s to true health and happiness,